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Our Network

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

1200 Crossman Avenue, Suite 200 Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA

San Diego

San Diego

9918 Via Pasar, San Diego, CA 92126, USA



To Be Established



To Be Established

Greater London

Greater London

Unit 8 Charter Gate, Moulton Park, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN3 6QF



Robert-Bosch-Str. 11b, 63225 Langen Germany



Room 216, 17 Vereyskaya str. 121357, Moscow

New Delhi

New Delhi

New Delhi House, 27 Barakhambha Road, New Delhi-110001



C Block, Longqi Science & Technology Park, No.29 Jinye 1st Road, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an, Shanxi, 710067 P.R.China



5F, Kangda Building, No.38, Luxi Road #2, Town of Liaobu, 523402 Dongguan, Guangdong, P.R.China

Shenzhen (Global HQ)

Shenzhen (Global HQ)

No.15 Jinhui Rd., Jinsha Community, Kengzi Subdistrict, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, 518122, P.R.China



To Be Established

Our History

  • Now

    Awarded Patient Monitoring contract for Covid-19 April 2020 by NHS England

    Milestone - First i15 Blood Gas and Chemistry Analyser order

    Milestone - Over 300 Fetal Monitors installed across the UK

    Edan SE 1200 Express ECG Machine becoming the preferred unit in an ever-growing number of NHS Hospitals

    Milestone – Over 1000 Edan H100B Pulse Oximeters installed across the UK

    Ultrasound distribution established by strategic partnership with Imaging First Limited

    EDAN MEDICAL (UK) LIMITED (EDAN UK) established in Northampton following the acquisition of Sulis Healthcare Limited by Edan Instruments in September 2017

  • 2017

    Edan Pingshan Industry Park opens in 2015

    Edan-Messer Diagnostics Ltd. was established to expand IVD business sector

    Edan Medical (UK) Limited was established

    Edan Dagnostic Office relocation and expansion 

    Edan Diagnostics to acquire Molecular Diagnostic Platform from LGC

    Awarded to be one of the Best Overseas Brands of Chinese Medical Equipment

  • 2015

    In April 2011, Edan officially became a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code:300206)

    Edan North America R&D center established in Silicone Valley

    Edan initiates IVD & POCT business sector

    Edan Medical Co., Ltd. was established in Moscow, Russia

    Edan Instruments, GmbH was established in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    To lay the fundation of Edan Pingshan Industry Park 

    Edan re-branding at its 20-Year Anniversary 

  • 2010

    In March 2010, EDAN was officially named as "Edan Instruments, Inc." with the completion of shareholding system

    Ranked as the 17th of 'Forbes Top 200 Chinese Enterprise with the Best Growig Potential'

    EDAN Diagnostics, Inc was established in San Diego, California

    EDAN MEDICAL INDIA PVT LTD. was established in New Delhi, India

  • 2005

    Ranked as the 17th of 'Forbes Top 200 Chinese Enterprise with the Best Growing Potential'

    Edan China R&D center was established in Xi'an

    Awarded as the National Hi-Tech Enterprise

  • 2000

    Being recognized as one of the municipal business incubator in Shenzhen

    The first Windows OS-based Transcranial Doppler, Patient Monitor,  Fetal and Matenal Monitor and Central Nursing Station in China were introduced

    Being authenticated by the National CMD Quality Management System

    Being authenticated by the ISO14000 Quality Management System

    Expansion to overseas markets

  • 1995

    Company founded and initial expansion